Friday, April 8, 2011

Let's Discuss IVF :o)

Today I went to my REs office to have the cyst checked on. It was still there, however smaller. She determined it would be fine to proceed with the IVF cycle (hopefully she's right). I'm thrilled, because now I am even closer to my dream baby! The protocol now is to wait for AF and then on cycle day three begin the Gonal F.

After the u/s I met with the nurse to have a medication training class. Ok, girls ... there are many injections involved with this process. Yikes! I predict a red pin cushion tummy in the near future.

I've prepared for my IVF cycle for the past three months. I do hope that this will be my one and only IVF, however I am realistic and understand that my chances are low given my fertility indicators. I think I have done all that I possibly can do.

I'd like to share with you my routine. I am in no way advocating anyone follow my regimen. My routine is based on my labs, AFC, u/c, age, fertility status, etc and hence are personalized for me only. Additionally, I reviewed all my supplements and strategies with my RE and she approved of each for me and stated she was fine with my routine. In fact one of the supplements were recommended by her directly (e.g., DHEA).

Here is my regimen: DHEA, CoQ10 (ubiquinol), inositol, melatonin, prenatal vitamin, Perfect Greens drink mix, Maca, B complex, B-6, Black Cohosh, and a mixture of herbs created by my Chinese Medical doctor/ acupuncturist. Twice a week I go for acupuncture (1 hr sessions) and approximately 4 x's/week I use castor oil packs on my abdomen. Healthy "clean eating" was extremely important to me as well. I have only consumed organic products (unless I went out to eat). To me, my diet was just as important as the other strategies implemented.

When my medications begin, all supplements/ herbs will of course be discontinued, with the exception of the prenatal vitamin. I want nothing to interfere with the fertility medicines performing their job. I will schedule an acupuncture session for the morning of egg retrieval and again on the day of egg transfer.

What are the strategies you have chosen to maximize your IVF/IUI or natural trying to conceive cycle?



swimmingcircles said...

I'll have to admit that my routine involved a lot of bourbon and praying.

I too hope that this is your one and only IVF trip... all the best to you.

Sophia said...

LOL @ "bourbon and praying"! Too funny.

Thanks so much for the well wishing SwimmingC.

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