Friday, April 22, 2011

IVF - Stimulation Phase

I visualized this process entirely differently from the experience I am having. I am on cycle day 7 of stimulation and at this point I have three very small follicles. Prior to this IVF I envisioned I would have approximately 10 follicles by this time and moving along nicely toward egg retrieval. Rather for me, it seems I am at risk of having my IVF cycle cancelled entirely and then reassessed to gear up for a new cycle in the future. I am awaiting a call from my RE's office to find out if my estrogen is moving along well enough for me to continue this cycle.

At this point my medication regimen consists of Gonal F. I've read this drug is a great choice for women like me.  <sigh> But why isn't it working! It's so disheartening when you stare at the u/s and see no growth of the follicles. I'm trying to hold on and be strong, however, I feel at the mercy of my body. A body that is not cooperating with me! Come on follicles, you can do it!!

If this IVF cycle is not cancelled later today, I will continue to follow the medication regimen and keep in mind that I only need one perfect egg (not several) to give me a baby.



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