Friday, April 1, 2011

My Special Sperm Donor

I really enjoyed choosing my donor.  I spent about three weeks sifting through the various donors on the cryobank website. I was searching for that perfect one for me. When I found him, I can’t explain the feeling of joy, excitement and relief that came over me (cue angels singing hallelujah). This is the ONE!

This donor had everything that I was looking for, from impeccable health (self/family), intelligence, motivation, sweet personality, values, and a complete comfort with his offspring contacting him in the future! I loved his voice and the manner he communicated; he was quite funny in conversation with the interviewer. 

Interestingly, his personality profile is the same as mine!! (I’m a neuropsychologist, so I know my personality profile). Hmmmmm perhaps this donor route isn’t so bad after all – I likely would not have met someone so similar to myself, with all the traits I've always wanted in my actual dating life.

His childhood photos were beyond adorable and gorgeous. The staff impressions were extremely good as well. When I called the cryobank to ask if he was as attractive as described in their impressions- she gave an intense “YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!” So, personality, intelligence, looks, and morals- wow!

I actually found ‘Mr. Special’ 2 months ago and at that time I hadn’t had any of my blood work, so I didn’t bother to order him. I mistakenly assumed he would still be there and available. Well- much to my surprise, when I went back the next month he was all OUT!!  They expect more sample availability in mid April. So I have to hold on for two more weeks. I have my phone alarm set for 9 AM (EST) on the day of his release so that I can be the first 'in line' to buy several vials. LOL ... reminds me of the people I see on the news on Black Friday who stand in line outside of stores eager to get in to get their deals. I feel the same way!

I called the cryobank last week to find out if he returned for his 6 month blood work/ testing. I held my breath as she put me on hold while she checked. “Yes, Sophia – he came back and had the blood work.” I was SO excited. Therefore, if his results turn out well, they will release the sample.

This is the special person who will make my baby possible: #12xxx.  I feel that donors are such wonderful people and I am so appreciative of the special gifts they provide. 


BroodyIVFMummy said...

I'm so pleased that you have found the right donor for you. I've just read your latest post, and I will be keeping everything crossed for you that this is just a technical precaution.


Sophia said...

Thank you so much!!

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