Tuesday, April 5, 2011

'My Girls' Are Just Fine!

The Pink Ribbon

I am so happy to share that the lumps were merely cysts and my diagnostic mammogram and u/s were both fine! I feel so blessed... so fortunate! I was so overcome by grief for the past few days, as the thought of breast cancer was more than I could bare.

The mammogram technician was wonderful. She was friendly, kind, and even provided me with a lead vest, "we have to try our best to protect your ovaries!" Soon following  the mammogram, I was seen by the u/s technician. A few minutes later a bubbly nurse appeared and told me to put my clothes on, "everything looks great- we'll see you next year."

After being informed of the results, I literally jumped up and down and did a little happy dance in the mirror while still in the changing room. My heart breaks for the women who were still waiting for their results today- I'm sure not all of us received good news. I know that this condition (if caught early) isn't a death sentence. However, even knowing THAT, nothing eases the anxiety of "what happens to me now" that consumes you when you may have a diagnosis of breast cancer.

I will say a prayer of gratitude tonight. My IVF is still on track and my health is good. Nothing is more precious and valuable as health and I suppose I needed that scare to put it all in perspective. No, I was not diagnosed with breast cancer, however for three days I carried a fear that kept me preoccupied.

Thank you to everyone for the kind emails and well wishes! I really appreciated it! I'm back on track now and working on nourishing my eggs/follicles!! I have an ultrasound (transvaginal) on Friday to check on that cyst on my ovary.

Take care all and make sure you "Know your Girls" (Yoplait/Susan Kormen)!! Susan G. Komen for the Cure


Jaydonsmom said...

What a blessing Sophia!!! I'm so happy for you!! God is good!!

Sophia said...

Yes- I agree. Thank you so much!!! :o)

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