Friday, April 22, 2011

IVF - Stimulation Phase Day 9

The cycle was not cancelled on Wednesday so I was quite relieved! However, I was asked to return today to have the follicle presence and maturation evaluated again. On the 20th they requested I add the medication Menopur to the regimen in order to further assist stimulation, as well as aide maturation of the follicles. This medication is a bit cumbersome to use, as you have to mix it and do a few steps of transferring it from it's glass container into a syringe, etc. When administering Menopur, I've found I've had to slowly inject the substance, in comparison the the injection rate I use with Gonal F. Menopur seems to have a bit of a burn to it! Both go in the tummy region, so as expected I have a 'pin cushion look' going on there.

I sat in the waiting room quite anxious this morning, ruminating ("will I have more follicles"; "are they growing?") Those same thoughts just churning and churning in my head. When they called my name for blood work I felt some relief that it was finally my turn. I was very disappointed in the lab tech I had this morning. Her level of insensitivity was astounding. She told me she was sorry to hear that my IVF cycle may be cancelled due to my poor response. I thanked her for her concern. However, surprisingly she followed by stating that she has no children and thinks it is the most wonderful way to live, "I actually get a chance to live my own life and it's wonderful!!" She told me she could not understand at all why women are so desperate to have a baby and "drive themselves crazy with this." She implied that perhaps I should take my poor response to the medication as a "good sign" /a blessing and perhaps I should go and enjoy my life without children.

I gave a minimal response to her, as she was not my concern this morning. All I had on my mind were my follicles ("how are my pre-babies?!") I attributed her non-empathic ramblings to an emotionally immature woman, who clearly had not developed within the areas of moral reasoning/character. Thankfully, she made the decision not to have children, thereby not damaging the next generation. I and perhaps the rest of society are grateful! It's almost comical that she would have such poor insight to think she were an appropriate fit for a position within a fertility practice.

Anyway, I eagerly awaited the u/s nurse and sadly the results were exactly the same as Wednesday. Three very small follicles - no growth/change. Again, I am awaiting an afternoon phone call to inform me of my E2 level. If it is good we continue; if low the cycle is canceled.

IVF is such a roller coaster ride. I'll push back my tears for now and see what news the afternoon brings.


Single Mom 2b said...

I'm sorry you're having a difficult time stimming... My stimulation (and egg quality) for IVF2 was much better than IVF1... getting the right protocol for the individual is key, I really believe that.

As for the insensitive lab tech... personally, I'd say something to my doctor or the office manager. You dealt with her unwarranted comments well, but the same comments may be the tipping point for the next woman. If nothing else, the employee should be coached.

Good luck!!

Jaydonsmom said...

You're in my prayers!!!

Sophia said...

Thank you so much Jaydonsmom!!

Single Mom 2B- thank you. I'm still hanging in there. They called and told me to continue stimulation because the E2 looks good.

Yes- you're probably right, I should say something about the labtech. I don't want any other woman to be have to deal with her laughing about the desperate status of infertile women or boasting about her chosen childless life. Disgusting.

Take care ladies!! :o)

Purplechik said...

I can't even believe someone who knows what you are going through would even say something like that!!! I'm so sorry you had to listen to that. I think I may have accidentally kicked her while she was drawing my blood. : )

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